SVN Backup Script (BASH)


# This is a manual script to backup all SVN repositories in a folder.
# Note that [BakUser] has an RSA key saved on the storage location, so is
# not prompted for password. [BakUser] is access controlled.
# To automate, make cron job, redirect echo to log file, email the log file on completion.
# ToDo: add SVN apache site page to the backup.

START_TIME=$(date +%s)
now=$(date +”%m-%d-%y”)
cd /opt/svn
for project in *
echo -ne “dumping ${project}…”
svnadmin dump -q ${project} > /home/[BakUser]/dumps/${project}.dump
echo “done”
echo -ne “Zipping…”
cd /home/[BakUser]/dumps
tar -zcf SVN_$now.tar.gz ./* –remove-files
echo “Done”
echo “Uploading…”
scp /home/[BakUser]/dumps/* [BakUser]@[Storage IP]:/srv/proftpd/itshare/ProdBackups/SVN/
echo “Done”
echo -ne “Cleanup…”
rm /home/[BakUser]/dumps/*
echo “Done”
FINISH_TIME=$(date +%s)
echo “Time Elapsed: $(expr $ELAPSED_SECONDS / 60)mins $(expr $ELAPSED_SECONDS % 60)secs”


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